Tattoo artist - Edward "Ed"

He has been tattooing since 2014.
His favourite artistic trends are: realism, surrealism and abstractionism. His favourite tattoo styles are new school, lettering, realism and Japanese motifs.
Edward is mostly inspired by computer games, communication with his friends and desire to create something new and beautiful. He likes spending his time with creative persons and acquaintances with new people, in his work. Ed draws a lot and works on himself in different tattoo styles. He considers that it is easier to work with people, who know perfectly well what they want, and with those, who completely rely on the tattooist..
Eduard, as well as all good tattooists, starts the process of tattoo creating from communication and search for a decent idea. It is more comfortable for Ed to work in a friendly atmosphere and in the team, where people can easily find common grounds..
He recommends his clients to think thoroughly over their future tattoos, so that they would be sure of their choice, and to listen to the tattooist’s advice.


Start - 40 euro
Session (3-4 hours) - starting from 120 euro*
* the price depends on work complexity.
The tattooist makes a discount for interesting works and for tattoos based on his own drafts.