Tattoo artist - Eliza

She has been tattooing since 2017.
Her favourite tattoo styles are: old school, new school and Japan. Liza draws her inspiration from everyday trifles, classical music and her lively night phantasies she tries to bring to life. She prefers a calm atmosphere for her creative process.
She likes the process of tattooing the most in her job. Liza tries to work on herself in different directions, in the art sphere. She considers that finding common grounds with clients is very important. This tattooist distinguishes herself by her creative and nonstandard approach, and witnesses thereof are her own sketches. She recommends her clients to choose the ideas for their future tattoos in a competent and thorough way.


Start - 35 euro
Session (3-4 hours) - starting from 105 euro*
* the price depends on work complexity.
The tattooist makes a discount for interesting works and for tattoos based on his own drafts.