Tattoo artist - Boris "bor-T"

He has been tattooing since 2002.
Prefers realistic and graphic tattoos. Besides tattooing, Boris permanently cultivates his abilities, deals in oil and acryl painting, and tries to master all artistic trends and styles. He also deals in designing and creation of tattoo tools. He draws his inspiration from phantasy pictures, digital art, movies and music.
He likes communicating with new and old clients, diversity and possibility to realise his ideas on bodies, canvas or paper, in his work. He considers that ties and mutual understanding between a client and a tattooist are the key elements of a good tattoo. He advises to those, who decided to take such a serious step as making a tattoo, not to make small and overstuffed tattoos and not to save money on tattoo size.

‘Big tattoos cost big money, but this is not like buying trousers. Tattoo will be with you throughout your life. Tattooist’s experience and, as well, high-quality consumables cannot cost little’.


Start - 50 euro
Session (3-4 hours) - starting from 150 euro*
* the price depends on work complexity.
The tattooist makes a discount for interesting works and for tattoos based on his own drafts.