This section comprises all video spots about our Workshop and its activities.

Special edition. Fast slideshow. Tattoos from 2012 to 2018.
Tattoo. Cult mini car - ZAZ 968.
Tattoo. Marv.
Ink, Charcoal and Chalk. B#TCH.
Water and Ink. Girl #3.
Wall Painting. Smoker.
Tattoo. Horror Face.
Ink Wash Painting. One of Two.
Airbrush. Wall in Barbershop. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Canvas. BRAINSTORM. Artist - Eduard "ED".
Water and Ink. Ars longa vita brevis. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Canvas. Snow Tattoo Skull. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Tattoo. Broken Skull. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Tattoo. Flower. Artist - Eduard "Ed".
Tattoo. Portrait of Tyrande Whisperwind. Artist - Eduard "ED".
Tattoo. Mummy. First session. Artist - Eduard "Ed".
Watercolor triptych. Flying serenity. Artist - "bor-T".
Watercolor. Dmitry about portrait.
Watercolor. Portrait of Dmitry. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Watercolor. The "What?" Girl. Artist - Boris"bor-T".
Tattoo. Project - Flamenco. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Watercolor. Santa muerte. Artist - "bor-T".
Tattoo. The Strain - Quinlan. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Tattoo. Predator. Artist - "bor-T".
Canvas. Flamenco Dancer. Artist - "bor-T".
Summer tattoo fest Odesa 2017.
Black and gray tattoo. Zeus. Artist - "bor-T".
Whip Shading Tattoo. Arrow and Flowers.
Tattoo. Portrait of Fagotto. Artist - "bor-T".
"Dimineata la RTR" in Tattoo Studio "Mad-art".
Tattoo. 5k Likes on Fasebook page. Artist - Alex Raileanu.
Tattoo. Line lotus. Artist - Eduard "Ed".
Airbrush. Wall in photo studio by Mihail Turculets.
Watercolor. Portrail. Artist - "bor-T".
Tattoo. Girl and heart. Artist - Boris "bor-T".
«Рукав от 4-ех мастеров или долг - платежом красен» Часть 3.
Snow tattoo fest. Poltava 2017.
Artwork. Girlface. Artist - Alex Raileanu.
Tattoo. Girl in bandage. Artist - "bor-T".
Sketch. Diablo 17 Skull. Artist - "bor-T".
Half sleeve tattoo, dotwork and celtic. Artist Boris "bor-T".
«Рукав от 4-ех мастеров или долг - платежом красен» Часть 2.
Tattoo Laser Remove.
Watercolor. Mike Tyson. Artist - "bor-T".
Watercolor. Girl in the circle. Artist - "bor-T".
«Рукав от 4-ех мастеров или долг - платежом красен» Часть 1.
Jurnal TV. Colecţionar de tatuaje din SunStroke Project.
Tattoo Laser Remove.
Tattoo. Logo Mad-art.
Pop art. Artist - Alice.
Tattoo. Screaming back. Artist - "bor-T".
Assembling tattoo machine. Boris - bor-T .
Tattoo. Portrait. Artist - "bor-T".
Tattoo. Wakizashi (Short katana). Artist - Boris "bor-T".
Acril on Canvas. Blue Rose. Artist - "bor-T"
Tattoo. Compass clock. Artist - "bor-T".
Rose Skull. Acryl on canvas. Artists - Boris "bor-T" & Oleg "Magnus".
Acryl on canvas. Airbrush. Don hookah. Artist -bor-T.
Acryl on canvas. Skull. Artist "bor-T".
Watercolor. Horse. Artist -bor-T.
Tattoo. Raven & clock. Artist -"bor-T".
Tattoo. Snake & skull. Artist -"bor-T".
Heisenberg Walter White. Watercolor. Artist - bor-T.
Polynesian tattoo sketch by bor-T.
Custom Tattoo Machine by bor-T.
Restoration of old tattoo. Artist - Boris "bor-T".